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10771VALRICO FL 2005-06-20 
need to reblow insulation for aprox 30% of 3000 sq ft house 
10770SPRINGFIELD MO 1000 2005-06-20 
I want to add a second story onto my 1700 square foot 3bd 2ba ranch home to be used as a game room. 
10769GREER SC 2005-06-20 
price on building a log siding garage w/ breezeway 
10768GREER SC 2005-06-20 
price on building a log siding garage w/ breezeway 
10767MILLEDGEVILLE GA 628 2005-06-20 
2 car garage with upstairs 2nd story apartment. slab foundation, 28'0''x 26'0" 1 bdroom 1 bath above garage.w small Kitchen. Shell to drywall. I can buy appliances/paint/finish trim/flooring/no HVAC needed. 
10766EAST DETROIT MI 150 600 300 2005-06-20 
We are looking to add a doormer. We will need to also expand our front porch, and create a unique entry with pillars 
10765FAYETTEVILLE NC 2005-06-20 
Building a 30x40 garage/apartment in Grays Creek, NC. Apartment upstairs to have two bedrooms/one bath, kitchen and living room. Please provide approximate building costs.  
10764ATL GA 50 2005-06-20 
Installation of new tub and faucets, hardware, etc, retile floors and walls with ceramic tile. 
10763GAINESVILLE FL 30 2005-06-20 
remove old shallow tub and replace with new tub 
10762OAKVIEW MO 128 2005-06-20 
Add a extention on to the existing kitchen. Pour new foundation below with door for storage. Build kitchen addition on top of new foundation and tie into home 
10761APACHE ACRES IN 1800 2005-06-20 
I am wanting to have a second floor addition built on to our existing house. Was just wondering how expensive something like this was. The approxiate size of the area would be 73' x 25'.
10760REYNOLDSBURG OH 2005-06-20 
can a partial basement be escavated into a full basement by digging it out and using a conveyor belt to transport out of basement window 
10759SAINT PETERSBURG FL 150 2005-06-20 
I want to add on a bathroom to my house 
10758BROOKFIELD CT 144 2005-06-20 
8000 sf, 2 story , 2 business on each floor, no kitchens just bathrooms. first floor 40x50 fitness club,40x50 storage garage. second floor. 40x50 kick boxing club, 40x50 hairdresser. we need stairs also. 4 bathrooms 
10757CHERITON VA 2005-06-20 
24X30 car gargage 
10756CABRILLO CA 100 1900 2005-06-20 
I have 10+ acres on which you can build over 120 homes in East Carson CA. I am asking for bids to start at $2,000,000.00 per acre. Call me a 562-439-7350. Don Albin 
10755WASHINGTON DC 40 260 200 150 2005-06-19 
need partial mudding (most of the ~ 50 sheets have already 1-3 coats on; I'd say 35% finished), sanding, priming, and painting of 650 sqft living space;
would need separate estimate for about 400 sqft sanding/refinishing of floors and another separate qu 
10754LOS ANGELES CA 300 300 600 750 2005-06-19 
One floor mansion in Malibu, California 
10753CLEMONS NY 2005-06-19 
valubuild panelized home 1500 square ft 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch style 
10752GREENSBORO GA 3190 2005-06-19 
Frank Betz "Laurel River" plan 
10751FORT PIERCE FL 48 144 288 1100 2005-06-19 
soffit repair and ceiling in carport replaced only...... 
10750SAINT LOUIS MO 720 2005-06-19 
out building with plumbing and electric 
10749BROOKSVILLE FL 15 25 2005-06-19 
adding a master room. master bedroom with, master bathroom with his and her sink, his and her closets, tiolet,whirlpool tub, standing shower 
10748BROOKSVILLE FL 15 25 2005-06-19 
master bedroom with, master bathroom with his and her sink, his and her closets, tiolet,whirlpool tub, standing shower 
10747MELBOURNE FL 1906 2005-06-18 
84 lumber kit home, bluff city II on slab on my lot. with scissor trusses in great room area and 3 extra windows. cost of kit 27,800.00 all materials but slab. 
10746LOS ANGELES CA 700 1400 1000 1625 2005-06-18 
We are building a one floor mansion that has 18 rooms in all (20 counting the hallways) and we need an estimate of how much it would cost to do it. 
10745DEL REY OAKS CA 2005-06-18 
I am looking to add a country traditional look to the front of my 2 STORY house with entry,turrets ,dormers.PREFAB ONLY.
Home is now contempory 
10744ANCHORAGE AK 150 300 300 1900 2005-06-18 
We are interested in builing a Home in Wasilla. One Acre lot 1900 Sq Ft.
We would like to start soon. 
10743CUMBERLAND FURNACE TN 2005-06-18 
I want to have a screened in patio constructed over an exsisting slab of concrete measuring 15 1/2 x 27'. I would also like two ceiling fans. 
10742YARMOUTH PORT MA 150 600 2005-06-18 
full shed dormer tight to weather, unfinished inside. cape cod house 26 x 34 ft. 10ft high/13ft long slope, 2x6 rafters, 16" on center, asphalt roof, cedar shingle siding, 2-12/12 windows, 1-9/9 bathroom window, perhaps 2 skylights on the opposite side of 
10741MASHPEE MA 2005-06-18 
Add dormer to existing front SALTBOX roof of house to utilize sloped area as small bedroom. Length of house is 36" . 
10740DEDHAM MA 2005-06-18 
I have a 60 foot ranch and would like to add a 2-car garage. 
10739LIVINGSTON NJ 2005-06-17 
Needed: one alum handrail for 5 step outdoor front entry, installed. Steps are concrete. 
10738BALDWIN NY 2005-06-17 
I'm looking to dorming my cape, creating a famliy room which is currently a sun room, and building a master bedroom with a full bath above the famliy room. 
10737MODESTO CA 238 2005-06-17 
looking to transform finished 3rd car garage space in a tandem garage into game room add door and 2 windows tap into existing heat/air cond unit and door into house 
10736MODESTO CA 2005-06-17 
looking to transform finished 3rd car garage space in a tandem garage into game room add door and 2 windows tap into existing heat/air cond unit and door into house 
10735MODESTO CA 2005-06-17 
looking to transform 3rd car garage space in a tandem garage into game room add door and 2 windows tap into existing heat/air cond unit and door into house 
10734CADIZ OH 2005-06-17 
need to fix a 29x30 roof. what materials do I need to purchase/ 
10732FIRESTONE PARK CA 14 10 2005-06-17 
10731ACKWORTH IA 12 10 2005-06-17 
10730WARDTOWN VA 12 10 2005-06-17 
10729SOMERVILLE TN 2005-06-17 
I currently have a 6 stall, 2 feed/tack room horse barn(wood stalls & tin outside). All stalls are 10'x10'. I am looking to get some prices to add 4 additional stalls (10'x10') and 2 feed/tack rooms (10'x10'). Right now I am just looking to get some qu 
10728SOMERVILLE TN 2005-06-17 
I currently have a 6 stall, 2 feed/tack room horse barn. All stalls are 10'x10'. I am looking to get some prices to add 4 additional stalls (10'x10') and 2 feed/tack rooms (10'x10'). Right now I am just looking to get some quotes. Thanks!
10727FIRESTONE PARK CA 14 10 2005-06-17 
10726TEMPE AZ 160 2005-06-17 
I want to have a shaved ice building made, It needs to have a back door, three basin sink, linolium flooring, a bar attached to the side of the buiding, sliding window to serve snow cones. 
10724ANAHEIM CA 2005-06-16 
Looking for ball park/average estimate for construction of 2 bedroom 1.5 bath cabin on existing land plot in Running Springs area to include install of septic system etc. 
10723REDONDO BEACH CA 125 50 300 2005-06-16 
Adding 1 bedroom & extending kitchen and family room with vaulted ceiling. 
10722COLTON CA 2005-06-16 
22 acres of land for 12 unit cottage duplex including day care center, landscaping. 
10721COLTON CA 2005-06-16 
22 acres of land for 12 unit cottage duplex 
10720IMPERIAL BEACH CA 40 2005-06-16 
convert existing laundry into ADA water closet, and utility closet to install tankless water heaters. Also some doors and or windows 
10719HOOTENVILLE LA 21 80 240 225 2005-06-16 
My roof looks to be sagging in between the rafters in about 40 sq. feet. I don't know if this can be corrected by installing more bracing in the attic, or if the whole roof needs to be re-done.

I also have 7 window blinds that need to be purchased,  
10718VIRGINIA BEACH VA 2005-06-16 
Add a bedroom with a big walking closet.The total Sqft of the bedroom is 192Sqft. Also a door thruth the hall way that take you to tha back yard.
Add a walking closet(36Sqft)and a window in the master bedroom  
10717FITCHBURG MA 2005-06-16 
10716BAPTIST CORNER MA 1400 2005-06-16 
need two bedroom ceilings sheetrock. They have been water damaged over the years and are in rough shape. Should the existing ceiling be removed, or can it be sheetrocked over, that I understand many people do? Should I be concerned about the presence of m 
10715CLEMMONS NC 2005-06-16 
Is it rational to elevate the roof off an existing ranch house with attic and build finished attic space with dormers and 2-3 normal sized bedrooms and a full bath. The house is basically a 60'x40'rectangle with brick walls on a basement foundation. Appr 
10714LAKE PLACID FL 300 800 300 400 2005-06-15 
10713EDGEWATER FL 300 800 300 400 2005-06-15 
10712BOSKYDELL IL 150 300 2005-06-15 
We would like to build an addition on to an existing bdrm of brk ranch to make it a master bed & bath. May also want to add bsmnt under this space. Not sure of existing or desired sqft. Additin need not be brick if possible. 
10711AUBURN IN 2005-06-15 
We are bulding a restrooms for our Little league. We would like to get an quote on how much the material and the labor would be for a slab and footer that is 20' x 24'. 
10710MESA AZ 2422 2005-06-15 
Scottsdale location.....existing shell with gravel floor. Need complete buildout with finished 10' ceilings for day spa. HAve architectural skematic, but need engineering, permits, etc.

Getting squeezed by commercial developer, so time is important i 
10709FLUSHING NY 500 1550 400 1890 2005-06-15 
10708BAYONET POINT FL 2005-06-15 
Looking for General contractor to develope 2 acre tract into a 2400 sq. ft. Sports Grill. Land is realitivly clear and flat. Budget of 250,000-350,000. 
10707WILLOW VIEW HEIGHTS PA 2005-06-15 
need deck stairs added to deck one floor above ground level. 
10706ORLANDO FL 2005-06-14 
looking for someone who can do the patio in the backyard appx 39 feet long and 24 feet wide and 8 feet height 
10705CAPE MAY NJ 2005-06-14 
Replace existing deck, deck approx size is 10x30, located off second floor with additional 10x10 deck (double decker) above it off the 3rd floor. One staircase needs to be replaced as well. 
10704TEWKSBURY MA 2005-06-14 
New 25'X25' detached garage (625sqft) with loft storage area on top (???), eve height 12ft. 
10703MIDWAY GA 2005-06-14 
i want a a garage added the front of the house  
10702VALLECITO CA 80 400 500 750 2005-06-14 
I currently own a older less than 1000 square foot home in Vallecito. I would like to get information on the best way to remodel without the taxes killing me (two story less on taxes than one story?). The rooms are very small and I have no idea where to 
10701FRY AZ 175 400 450 1850 2005-06-14 
3 Bdrm, 2800 ft sq house. Two car garage,outside in ground pool with decking. Two bedroom with fullbath, walkin shower made/w glass block and videl in bathrm.Walk in closet in ea bedrm. Extra .5 bath for guest. 2X6 construction. Ac/heater unit (NOT Swamp) 
10700FELTON CA 2005-06-13 
2500 square feet in Santa Cruz Mountains. I plan to import the more expensive materials from overseas hardwood floors and stone countertops. Looking for builder to build from Raw Land to finsihed house in the Scotts valley area. 
10699BOSTON MA 2005-06-13 
I have many useless walls in the house that I would like to remove. I need someone that can determine whether they are bearing or nonbearing and remove them by takeing the appropriate precautions. Please call me 617.567.4262 
10698GLADSTONE OR 150 750 2005-06-13 
want to add second story to home which will have 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. Also need foundation poured under house which is currently on stilts in unfinished basement 
10697GLADSTONE OR 150 750 2005-06-13 
Want to add second story to house with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom 
10696NORTH PORT FL 150 400 150 1800 2005-06-13 
10695FAIRFIELD SC 90 150 2005-06-13 
add to master suite inc bath and bed room bath to be 150 Sqft bed to be 324 Sqft need addition to existing slab tie into existing roof and bump out 2 exterior walls 
10694FORT LAUDERDALE FL 2005-06-13 
15' x 25' screened room on existing concrete slab (4"). One door, 1/2 roof in place over existing slab. Alumunim roof addition.  
10693RALEIGH NC 2005-06-13 
Carriage House Garage Plan ID 14963, Found on Global Garage Plan 127-2 (reversed). 
10692HAMBURG MI 2000 2005-06-13 
2000 sq ft modular home on 4ft crawlspace. Would like to convert crawlspace to basement. Home is on 12 inch i-beams. 
10691SAINT PAUL MN 2005-06-13 
Replace back porch and possibly replace flat roof portion with pitch roof on 704 Alabama if economically feasible.  
10690BURKE VA 500 1200 250 1000 2005-06-13 
Looks for a general contractor to build my new home on a lot. I have not purchased the land yet, but have it in mind where to buy it. Looking for a general contractor who can help in build my own home. 
10689ALPINE IN 100 300 400 300 2005-06-13 
Barn home, with 2 car garage first level. second level living space.In small wooded area on our grounds.Medium to large windows in front,small to medium windows elsewere. small study or gest room 200 sq. ft. at first level on entrance sm. foryer then stai 
10688LONG BEACH MS 2005-06-12 
Interior wall about 15 feet long knocked out and the remaining part of the ceiling patched. 
10687TULSA OK 200 500 500 2005-06-12 
Wanting to expand existing bedroom & add a master bathroom to it. Want to remodel & expand existing bathroom. Want to remodel and expand existing kitchen with new cabinets & appliances. Need carpeting throughtout home. 
10686BAY SAINT LOUIS MS 150 400 600 1900 2005-06-12

This is the web site with the plans 
10685BUCKLAND CT 42 120 384 2005-06-12 
Looking to add a 16'x 12' two story addition off the rear of house. 1st. floor to have bathroom, 6'x 7' aprox w/shower, vanity, one window (24") and 26" door, and a walk-in closet (w/24" door) 6'x 5' across the rear portion. The new 10'x 12" bedroom will  
10684LAWTON NV 350 2005-06-12 
Remodel existing garage into two bedrooms with closets. Garage is sheetrocked/insulated and has electricity. Currently heated by large industrial heater.  
10683BALLARD WA 500 2005-06-12 
Would like to add a garage with deck and remodel front of house and add a privacy wall. 
10682BAY SPRINGS MS 300 2005-06-12 
10681HOMOSASSA FL 100 275 280 375 2005-06-12 
building 2 story house, 2660 sq ft(3120 sq ft including porch & gar)I wish to get a quote on siding for whole house and what stucco would cost for whole house. Not sure what to go with yet? 
10680HOMOSASSA FL 2005-06-12 
building 2 story house, 2660 sq ft(3120 sq ft including porch & gar)I wish to get a quote on siding for whole house and what stucco would cost for whole house. Not sure what to go with yet? 
10679LAS MILPAS TX 2005-06-12 
i want to build a 12ft by 12ft storage room next to the house  
10678CHATHAM NJ 2005-06-12 
I am looking for a cement contractor to apply a color treated cement floor in my lr/dr/kitchen over gypsum(?) floor base,
10677TARPON SPRINGS FL 1600 2005-06-11 
Repair/Reshingle Roof for 1 story home with a medium sloped roof 
10676CORNISHVILLE KY 1176 2005-06-11 
Three Bedroom Apt. On top of a three car garage. To look at my plan go to WWW and go to HYG-GR-120.The approx. height from roof ridge to grade is23'4".garage is 25x35 with a side of 11x11 to lead upstairs. 
10675CITY OF SUNRISE FL 1350 2005-06-11 
I'm looking to build 3 singles family houses in raimbow park ,ocala and 2 four plex in silver springs shore ;please call me with a quote .ESAIE PROPHETE 954-709-2850. 
10674SKIATOOK OK 400 900 400 500 2005-06-11 
Basic floor plan. Bonus room over the 2 car garage. Ceramic tile in bathrooms and kitchen Big master bath with shower and whirlpool tub. Hardwood floors in living area. Carpet in bedrooms. 
10673AURORA IL 2005-06-11 
I would like to have a brick mailbox installed in the front of my house 
10672DE PERE WI 2005-06-11 
Two-stall garage 24 ft. x 26 ft. with wall separating stalls. One entry door and electric garage door for each side. Not attached to house. Please include concrete slab in quote. 
10671DOWNERS GROVE IL 2005-06-11 
two storey 3000 SQF frond brick home
like to replace three sides siding with stucco also like to replace six windows 
10670HATTIESBURG MS 256 1344 200 420 2005-06-11 
I am interested in building a new two story Antibellum style fraternity house to house 16 people (18 bedrooms). Every two bedrooms will be connected by a bathroom. We wish to maintain the existing party room. 


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